Going Down The Trail

I have always enjoyed the outdoors and adventures in beautiful places, usually ones you need to hike to. I’ll (hopefully) have lots of posts about hiking, backpacking, mountain biking, a little triathlon now and again, and some cool pics!I try to use this website to record my backpacking trips and other adventures, and motivate myself to get outside and do cool stuff more often. 

I live in Phoenix, Arizona, and while it can be a pretty good place to recreate, you do sometimes need to get up pretty early in the morning. Other times of the year, AMAZING.


I usually get in one main out-of-state backpacking trip a year, and then whatever other cool stuff I can do. Usually I end up in Southern Colorado, but I’m always looking for other loop or cool multi-day backpacking routes that include an alpine lake. Don’t want to have to carry too much water!


Only stuff I would recommend and personally use in the outdoors

Who is Doing this?

Originally I’m from Lexington, Ky but have also lived in Crested Butte, Co and now reside in Phoenix, Az.  I moved to Crested Butte for one ski season and stayed for 5 years, after that I migrated down to the desert and have enjoyed living here since 1998.  I have always been a relatively active person, in the past I have been a diver, rock climber, and still ski whenever I have a chance.  After moving to Phoenix I discovered a new sport that I love, Triathlon.  I try to recreate outdoors as much as life allows. Here’s to good time in the outdoors with good friends, or by yourself!



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