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This is by far my favorite website for wasting time on the internet. People falling down and doing idiotic things in general amuses me to no end and you will find no greater collection of fools than! Have some free time on your hands? Wander around these sites and you’ll have many a laugh and perhaps find a few things to post as well. Just as an example (as if my description wasn’t enough to get you to check it out)!

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The Haboob

As pretty much everyone who lives in Phoenix noticed, we had a huge dust storm (or Haboob) last night (7.5.11).  People got some amazing pictures of a huge wall of dust overtaking the city, and at the restaurant we fought a battle to keep the dust out! Twitter blew up with super cool pics and updates from around the valley, part of me feels that people just wanted to type #Haboob.  It was totally surreal outside (if you could stand it), the dust was so thick in the air. Here’s a few pics:

The picture below was taken by my friend Tom Phillips Jr. in Ahwatukee. It was taken just a few miles from my house as the wall of dirt overtook the city!