Pat’s Run

Pat’s Run, the race honoring Pat Tillman, was April 26th in Tempe, Az.¬† This was the 10th year, and like always, they had a huge turnout!¬† I woke up about 5 and grabbed some coffee as I headed towards downtown Tempe.¬† Walking to the start area you are in a sea of the yellow race […]

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The Ironman Hangover

Sadly, there has been almost no Tri training this year.¬† I almost always¬† have trouble keeping the motivation to training going after an IM race, but I had hoped to do better than this. There have been a few rides and a few runs but nothing that could be considered real training.¬† As it heats […]

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Ironman Arizona Race Report

This was a great overall experience,¬† I got to train for the race with two really good fiends, we had nice weather and the IM people put on another great race!¬† I headed down on Friday to get checked in and hang out at my friend’s booth at the expo.¬† It was fun to just […]

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High Altitude Training Days

While I had planned to go on RAGBRAI for vacation this year, I just couldn’t make it happen.¬† Since I had already scheduled my vacation time and wanted to get some good miles on the bike, my friend Len and I headed up to Flagstaff. ¬† It’s a great place to go for some riding […]

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A Real Nice Week

The first week of July was pretty good!¬† The restaurant was closed all week for new coat of paint and some much needed new booths.¬† While I¬† had to work a little, it’s been work at a relaxed rate!¬† Amy¬† worked from home all week also,¬† so we got in some great hanging out together […]

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Lately in our life…

We’re getting into the heat of the summer here in Phoenix.¬† While we all know it’s coming, the first few weeks of it being hot all the time are hard to get used to. ¬† Fortunately, I’ve been doing a pretty good job of keeping up with the training.¬† The serious Ironman training is still […]

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Psyched on the @Strava App

Not sure how many triathlon people out there have been using the Strava App for biking and running, I love it!¬† It uses your phone’s GPS to track rides or runs and uploads them to their website.¬† The website is really cool, it shows your ride on a map and compares your time to others […]

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I’ve been back in the pool lately!¬† Until mid-April I hadn’t been in the pool at all this year,¬† somehow I forget how much I enjoy it.¬† It’s the main thing I use my Lifetime Fitness membership for.¬† I have always been in the water, as a young kid I was on our country club […]

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