Ironman Arizona Volunteering and Such

My two friends and I decided to sign up for Ironman Arizona 2015. It’s a very popular race, so to guarantee a spot we volunteered for this year’s race.  My friend, Bill, decided we were volunteering for boat duty during the swim, it ended up being awesome!  While it was an early morning, we had a greatl vantage point, and it was really cool to be in a powered boat out on Tempe Town Lake!

I was able to get a great view of the race start and the washing machine of the first few hundreds meters. Cruising around the lake was really cool, it’s amazing how much that area has changed just in the 16 years I’ve been here.  I ended up watching over a guy who was struggling about halfway through the swim. There was a group of guys cheering him on whom I assumed were his buddies, traveling here to support him, because of how passionate they were in their cheering for him. It turns out that they were just some cool local tri peole cheering on a guy who was having a rough day, I think that is awesome! I ended up having to give him a ride in the boat back to the swim finish, because he missed the swim cut-off time. I felt bad for him, he had traveled from St. Louis, a long way to go for your day to end so soon!

After that we cleaned up the buoys, loaded up the boats, and headed out.

The next morning I got up to stand in line with the other volunteers to register for next year’s race. It set a record for the quickest sellout of a US Ironman! So now, I’m all registered for next year with a fun year of lots of swimming, biking, and running with two good friends!

Here’s a few pics from the morning, and I’m going to attempt to do many posts about his year’s training fun!

image1 image2 image3 IMG_2814 image4

2 thoughts on “Ironman Arizona Volunteering and Such

  1. Congrats on Arizona! I found your blog because you followed me on Twitter (thanks!).

    I’m doing my 3rd and 4th Ironman races this year. I love it.

    Keep on training!


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