Photo of the Week 9/21/20

Moab, Utah ~ 1995

Photo of the Week 3/23/20

Four Peaks from McDowell Mountain Park

Pyramid – National – Gila Loop Hike

Went for a hike toady, I had the time to to a loop I have wanted to try for a while but just hadn’t done. It was great to be on the trails exploring some new stuff. Love the fact that this amazing area is in my backyard.

Wash your hands, stay safe and healthy, and be excellent to each other.

That is all.

National Trail
National Trail looking north on Phoenix Metro

Photo of the Week 3/09/20

Siphon Draw

Photo of the Week 3/02/20

A beautiful day today in Phoenix!

Photo of the Week 2/03/20

Bus Stop – Desert Classic Trail – South Mountain, Phoenix, AZ

Photo of the Week 1/20/20

Four Peaks from The Superstitions

Photo of the Week 11/11/19

Sedona is an amazing place

Photo of the Week 11/04/19

Phoenix has some amazing hiking right in the city!

Photo of the Week 10/21/19

South Mountain Park