At least I got in a quick ride!

Didn’t get out as early as I wanted this morning, things kept getting in my way, but I was able to make it out for a quick, warm bike ride.

It’s been pretty hot here lately, even for Phoenix, so my late start made for a sweat-fest. Still glad I got in a ride, really going try to hike tomorrow morning. Gotta be ready for the Grand Canyon coming up soon!

I haven’t been riding very much this summer, unwilling to fight the heat. I feel like it’s time to get back at it, so i’ll be ready when the weather comes around! This is a great short ride for fitness, a little flatness to get the legs warmed up, some hills, a steeeeep short hill, and some hills on the way back. I feel super lucky to have such a great riding area right in the neighborhood!

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