Training for the Summer Adventures or How I Learned to Accept and Deal with the Heat

Pretty sure it’s my 24thish year here in Phoenix, Az. I’ve always tried to be active year round, there’s a certain time of year that requires an early morning start, but it’s never actually cold and rarely rainy enough to delay something more than a day. But it does get hot, in August when you get up at 4:30am to be on the bike at first light and walk outside and it’s in the mid-90s you might curse. If you want to recreate outside all year, you have to be out there as it gets hot, acclimating to the temps as the summer progresses, and you still need to be careful!

For me the keys to successful summer training are:

  • Hydrate, Hydrate, Hydrate – Drink lots water – kind of a no brainer but it needs to start the day before, you can’t really catch yourself up if you start with a deficit. Include Nunn Tablets or the like, you need those electrolytes.
  • Get up early – even if your conditioned for the heat, it’s best to get it done before it gets to be 112!
  • Accept that fact that some days just aren’t your days and know when to slow it down, or call it, there’s always tomorrow.
  • Do things you enjoy – there might be some suffering, it’ll be better if you really like the activity.
  • And of course accept the fact that’s going to be HOT and there will be sweating!

It’s just starting to warm up here, getting into the low 100s everyday, I’ve been getting out regularly for at least a month, and have felt good so far. I’ve getting back to a pretty good set schedule with some afternoon gym time.

  • Monday Afternoon- Swim
  • Tuesday – Rest Day
  • Wednesday – Cardio – Treadmill/Stair Stepper/ Treadmill
  • Thursday – Strength
  • Friday – Rest Day
  • Saturday – Hike or Bike
  • Sunday – Hike or Bike

For hiking fitness I’m using the hike that has gotten me up and down the Grand Canyon 4 times and to the top of Mt. Whitney. The Pyramid Hike is 4.2 miles to the top and back, you can also continue on and circumnavigate that area of South Mountain Park, going 7,8,10, or 12 miles. The first climb gains almost 1000ft of elevation and is an almost constant climb.

Pyramid Hike, South Mountain Park

Overall I think I’m on a good track. I feel like I could do the Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne hike right now, and really I’m training for the September Challenge, and there’s a lot of work to do to get ready for that! The next few weeks will be critical in heat acclimation, but I know it’s always worth the early suffering!

What are your summer adventure plans?

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