Photo of the Week 1/18/21

A seriously tall cactus!

Photo of the Week 1/04/21

Fuller Lake, Colorado

Photo of the Week 12/21/20

Summertime Mountain Views…

Photo of the Week 12/14/20

Bursera Trail – South Mountain Park, Phoenix, AZ

Photo of the Week 12/07/20

Top of Pyramid Trail, South Mountain Park -Phoenix, AZ

I’ve probably posted this view before, but it’s pretty cool and the trailhead is 10 minutes from my house!

Photo of the Week 11/09/20

It’s easy to find beautiful views when you’ve got a tent!

Photo of the Week 11/2/20

Black Bridge, South Kaibab Trail, Grand Canyon National Park

Photo of the Week 9/28/20

Moab, Utah ~ 1995

Photo of the Week 5/04/20

Grand Canyon

How I wish I could be hiking here, or anywhere in the backcountry right now!

Photo of the Week 3/23/20

Four Peaks from McDowell Mountain Park