Photo of the Week 8.15.22

Grand Canyon of the Tuolumne Sunset

Photo of the Week 8/01/22

Amazing sunset with canyon view and our campsite.
Yosemite National Park

Photo of the Week 7.11.22

Ready to be in the mountains!

Photo of the Week 6.20.22

Rough Trail, Red River Gorge, Kentucky

Photo of the Week 6.13.22

2 tents and some tress in the awesome mountains, pretty sure an awesome dog as well...
A fine campsite at one of the many Blue Lakes in Colorado….

Photo of the Week 5.23.22

Aravaipa Canyon, AZ

Photo of the Week 5.9.22

Sedona, AZ

Photo of the Week 5.02.22

Lee’s Ferry, Az

Photo of the Week 4.18.22

Can’t wait to be back in the beautiful mountains!

Photo of the Week 4.11.22

Watson Lake – Prescott, Az